lunedì 11 maggio 2015

Position and its derivatives

It's always nice to know the name of things.
derivativeterminologySI unitmeaning
-5absouncem·s5time integral of abserk
-4abserkm·s4time integral of abseleration
-3abselerationm·s3time integral of absity
-2absitym·s2time integral of absement
-1absement (absition)m·stime integral of position
0position (displacement)mposition
1velocitym·s-1rate-of-change of position
2accelerationm·s-2rate of change of velocity
3jerkm·s-3rate of change of acceleration
4jounce (snap)m·s-4rate of change of jerk
5cracklem·s-5rate of change of jounce
6popm·s-6rate of change of crackle
7lockm·s-7rate of change of pop
8dropm·s-8rate of change of lock
99.9% of robots controller are based on a PID logic [0,-1,1 derivatives].